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Suppliers & Brochures

Azulejo Espanol

Azulejo Español are a family run founded in 1953 who manufacturer both ceramic wall and floor tiles. Their factory uses the latest technology offering ceramic innovations at very competitive prices. Their product innovation allows them to supply a varied range of clients in their key national and export markets. Their best-selling sizes in the Uk and Ireland are 31x60cm and 31x90cm non-rectified ceramic wall tiles.

Ceramica Vilar Albaro

Ceramica Vilar Albaro, founded in 1995, produce a wide range of plain colours in 10x10cm, 15x15cm, 7.5x15cm, 7.5x30cm 10x20cm, 10x30cm, 20x20cm. All sizes are available in over 50 different colour options and finishes. Prices are competitive and stocks are held of all the best-selling colours. With its state of the art production facility, Vilar Albaro are now leading small format tile manufacturer in Spain.

Ceramica Da Vinci

Ceramica Da Vinci are manufacturers of unique small sized decorated tiles. The factory was founded in Alcora in 1990’s where they focussed in the the manufacture of special pieces and ceramic decoration. Experience and constant work have made it possible for the factory to grow to the specialist high quality manufacturer they are today. Their designs are truly innovative.  Click on the website to see their latest designs.

Cerlat / Azulejos el Mijares

Established in 1913 Cerlat / Azulejos el Mijares has gone through a long history of improvement, renewal and updating in the production of tiles.

Their specialized production and exclusive design make Cerlat one of the leading factories in the Spanish tile sector. Being a pioneering tile manufacturer, Cerlat directs its energy towards the future, creating innovative and avant-garde products which are being sold throughout the world.